The Mission of the Quincy Illinois Poverty Project

We uphold that ALL humans have intrinsic value and have earned the right to safe, stable, and affordable housing without being subject to discrimination, substandard conditions, cruelty or retribution. The mission of the Quincy Illinois Poverty Project is to make the people of Quincy aware of the plight of its poorest citizens through real stories of real people. To expose, document, and raise awareness through an archive of stories, photographs, video narratives, and data. To engage them and provide a safe space for dialogue, and to propose creative solutions to address the diverse needs of community members in poverty. We believe that by working together to open people’s eyes to the devastating effects of poverty, particularly as it relates to the widespread problem of substandard rental properties in Quincy, we can make our community a safe and affordable place for all to call home.


  • Provide common ground for local discussion, organizing, and advocacy.

  • Develop a city ordinance, (proactive rental occupancy inspection program), requiring landlords to meet and maintain established minimum standards of health and safety for rental occupancy properties.

  • Seek to expand safe income-based, low-cost housing opportunities in Quincy.

  • Work towards the expansion of emergency shelter opportunities in Quincy.

  • Organize and advocate to help poor citizens gain access to existing services designed to help them.

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Speaker Opportunities

We would welcome the opportunity to make a short presentation about our initiative
to your group or organization. Steve will explain how it started, why its important,
and the impact of poverty and homelessness in our community.  
Please contact Steve at: to inquire about a date and time.

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