Quincy Rental Housing Occupancy Health & Safety Standards

Nobody should have to live like this in Quincy, Illinois. This video depicts Walter repairing his makeshift shelter during high winds in December, 2017. He was paying $450 in rent, but the landlord didn't repair the electrical meter base, so there was no heat or electric in the house. Walter lived in the yard where he could keep warm near an open fire in this makeshift shelter. Walter is 74years old.
We desperately need the rental occupancy inspections our city planner is seeking. So far, he doesn't have enough support from the city council to bring it to the table. Please provide your email address and contact info, as we begin to compile a list of those who support minimum health and safety standards to protect the powerless from slum lords. Thank you. Send your contact information to quincyilpovertyproject@gmail.com