Waste. Lets do Better.

These coats and other articles of clothing, toys, children's books, luggage and other items, are perfectly clean and in good to excellent condition.  They represent an incredibly small sample of the hundreds of items thrown in dumpsters each month by two local, faith-based thrift stores in Quincy.  The director of the stores was made aware of the situation more than a year and a half ago.  He said he would end the practice, but the practice continues. (Click on images to enlarge.)

 Meanwhile, there is a population of people who would be grateful to have these fine clothes, warm coats, and other items if they were offered to them, rather than burdening our landfills. I've been documenting this situation for almost 2 years, after I witnessed a store representative run off a Vietnam veteran who needed the clothes he was retrieving from one of the store's dumpsters. I'm confident that the donors intended for their items to go to people in need, not be thrown in a landfill.  Lets do better.