We can do more than just raise awareness.

Solving the poverty and homelessness problem in Quincy Illinois takes a lot; not only do we have to help shed light on the problem, but we also have to invest our time and resources into it. Donating money - any amount - can help us not only spread the word, but also advocate on behalf of our homeless and low-income neighbors.

Don't ignore the problem: Be a part of solving it.

After investigating poverty in Quincy, for 2 years, there are 2 goals I'm certain we can achieve.

1.) Quincy needs more subsidized housing to protect our most vulnerable neighbors. There is a safe and affordable housing shortage, which is creating undue suffering and hardships for hundreds of good people, including children.

2.) Our city planning & development director, Chuck Bevelheimer, says a rental housing occupancy ordinance establishing minimum health and safety standards is needed in Quincy, Ill, but he hasn't had enough support from the city council to bring a measure to the table.

If interested in joining us to advance these 2 initiatives, please go to the contact page and email your contact information. Thank you.

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Donate Now

Why donate to the Quincy Illinois Poverty Project

The initiative started over two years ago when Steve Bohnstedt left his full time job to investigate poverty and homelessness in Quincy, Illinois, with the intent to inform the public of these harsh realities.  He has spent thousands of hours interviewing, photographing, and documenting the stories of people who have fallen through the cracks. Today, the project has grown to the point we need help to sustain it. 

What we have achieved through our advocacy

Here are just a few things the project has helped to facilitate:

• Helped a widow secure the necessary funds to have her husband’s

   cremated ashes and death certificate released to her

• Developed a commission to address and change the indigent burial policy in

   Adams County, Illinois

• Connected a donor who provided a metal wheel chair ramp to a man suffering from cancer

• Helped to establish a laundry voucher service for those in need

• Worked with the Quincy K-9 Connection to help those in need with food and other 

   supplies for their pets

What we hope to do

Because knowledge is power, we want to continue to bring stories, updates, and news to the public.  Further, our web site will serve as a central source for social service agencies and other community groups to explain their services and share their mission, activities, and work.

What do your dollars do

• Supports this web site 

• Subsidizes time spent to gather stories and information then facilitate the work

• Advocate for the people who need it most 

• Enables us to consult with other organizations, assisting with their outreach 

   efforts through multimedia storytelling, photo essays and other communication


• Funds materials used in speaking engagements and future exhibits